Environmental Sustainability - Assess to Learn

Many of us want to live our lives as sustainably as possible. In everyday life, however, we repeatedly encounter questions about sustainability that cannot be answered completely by our feelings. Numbers can help to make decisions.

STRATECO generates figures for the area of ecological sustainability and calculates the ecological footprint of products. Based on these figures, we would like to look together with consumers, business people and decision-makers at where it makes sense to start in order to reduce the ecological footprint. (For more information on how we assess environmental sustainability, see here.

We would like to demonstrate what such numbers can say in simple questions - sometimes with a wink, because our quizzes are based on conscientious calculations and research, but often "only" scratch the surface of the topic. They are by no means a substitute for a scientific publication - nor do they claim to be. The quizzes are meant to be an introduction to the serious and detailed examination of the respective topics.

Take a guess at our monthly quiz on various topics related to sustainability and compare what your feelings say with the calculated figures.

And now have fun!