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The current energy system is characterized to a large extent by the use of fossil resources. This means that a large part of the added value is not generated within a region and the environment (especially the climate) is changed. It also creates a high dependency on energy imports. In turn, the way in which a country's own renewable resources or residual materials have been used up to now is often characterized by "lone warriors" who act within their own sectors. As a result, potentials are often not (yet) used.

Energy systems of the future will be characterized by a high share of renewable energies. A large part of the added value is to be generated regionally, the environment is to be relieved and the dependence on energy imports is to be reduced. Due to the fact that biogenic raw materials have lower energy densities than fossil fuels, transports must be shortened and regional cycles closed. STRATECO supports regions in raising their resource potentials more strongly than before and in the form of circulatory systems: on the one hand, by identifying optimal technology networks of renewable energy technologies and, on the other hand, by networking actors in the region who work together across sectors and thus exploit synergies.

In modeling with the method of Process Network Synthesis (PNS), a technology network is created that includes all theoretically possible links between raw materials, technologies and products. This is the so-called maximum structure.

In the next step the program calculates the so-called optimal structure. This is the structure (or the technology network) that provides the greatest benefit for the overall system. The optimal structure depends on the respective framework conditions and economic parameters.

The optimization of the use of regional renewable resources is integrated into a process that stakeholders and interested persons on site help to shape. This co-designing concerns in particular the definition of framework conditions and goals, data collection, scenario definition and the preparation of results. In this process, wishes and concerns are to be taken into account which ultimately enable the implementation of project results.